dior split aviators

Happy Wednesday! The temperatures have dropped enough in Southern CA to officially deem it sweater season. I’ve been enjoying having the ability to play with layers a bit and busting out my softest sweaters. As much as I gripe about LA not really having seasons, I was talking to my fiancee’s cousin’s wife? a family member who was in town from Minnesota about wishing I could dress for true cold weather. She pointed out that when you do, all anybody really sees is your coat. Hmm…good point. I take it back! I don’t want that!

Pairing neutrals with a pop of red, especially in the form of a long-wearing liquid lipstick and a Starbucks red cup, screams Christmas too me. It’s become more or less my festive uniform throughout the winter season. The clutch came with my Free People reversible vegan tote that I carry all the time to school.

This post is also an homage to these Dior split aviators that spent a short, but meaningful time in my possession. They were actually my birthday present during the Bloomingdale’s 30% off sale. I was torn between these and a classic pair of Celine’s I’d wanted for years. After a quick Snapchat deliberation, I decided on the split aviators in favor of their unique flare. Turns out, maybe a little too unique for me. I wore them twice over the course of a month, and since designer sunglasses aren’t exactly a staple in my closet or my budget, I wanted to get something I could really get some use out of. So I exchanged them for the Celine’s and am so happy I did! I still love these though, and am glad I have something to commemorate our time together. 😛 Outfit details are linked below as well as some of my favorite sweaters!

dior split aviators dior split aviators

Mika ran out onto the balcony and was spying on our quick photoshoot. I love that girl. ^^^

dior split aviators dior split aviators dior split aviators