DSC09685Hey girls! Today I tried a new style, one that I admittedly had no interest in until now. Peplum! Since it was my first time dabbling in it, I chose a subtle version, but I think I really love it! I found this sheer floral peplum top at Forever21 for practically $0 and thought, “what the heck?” It is a much less structured version of the look which I like. I’m huge on comfort, especially when it comes to tops so it was a perfect compromise. This style of tops and dresses is often made with very heavy, form fitting material, which enhances the flattering silhouette they help to create, but not necessarily something I gravitate towards. When forced to choose between happy hour indulgences and tight tops, 99.9% of the time food and drinks win, so why bother keeping tons of form fitting tops on hand? That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it. View Post