I have to confess, I have this little guilty pleasure. It’s my favorite thing to indulge in whenever I have a free morning to lay in bed and play on my phone, ideally with a cup of coffee. I usually get sucked into a marketing email about some fantastic sale at one retailer or another and find myself browsing. I comb through pages of items and load up a ridiculously extravagant shopping cart, take one look at the price, and then…X out of the page. Sometimes I will fall in love with an item or a deal and break down and buy something after clicking “save for later” on 95% of the rest, but most times I just move on. That’s why I call it the Shop, Drop (that is, my jaw upon seeing the price at check out) and Roll…right onto the next webpage. This morning’s edition had me browsing the 40% off Anthro sale section. 40% off already on sale items? Um, yes please! That blows my normal discount out of the water. Let me tell you, that was one robust cart I put together. 🙂 So, I decided to share my favorites with you! I also included the rest of my basket and linked them at the bottom of this post!

AG Stevie Jeans

These are probably my all time favorite jeans, and I’ve never once paid full price for them because they frequently appear in the Anthro sale section. AG jeans last a lifetime, hold their value, and break in to give you that perfectly “worn in” look without ever looking tired. I have these in white and wear them over and over all throughout the year, can you say hello winter white?!

ag stevie jeans ag stevie white crop

Cowled Sleeveless Neck Sweater

I just picked up a similar sweater from Nordstrom Rack and featured it in a haul video. I’ve worn it a ton since then and received so many compliments from friends and strangers alike. It’s sooo comfortable and the bulkier neckline really balances out my silhouette which slims my arms in a super flattering way. I’m in love!

cowl neck sweater cowled neck sweater sleevless

Blue Casual Dress

I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, but I’ve been living in dresses lately. I spent practically all summer long in a dress and learned to appreciate their effortless style and added comfort. This one definitely screams summer, but throw a pair of boots, scarf and jean jacket over it and I’d rock it on a crisp SoCal fall day in a heartbeat! Not to mention, that PRICE!

anthropologie blue sundress anthropologie blue sundress

Layered Ivory Sweater

I have a love-hate relationship with layers. I love the look and pretty much hate everything else about them. They are more work to put together (which, admittedly can be fun too), they aren’t always comfortable if you end up constantly tugging and adjusting them, and it usually isn’t cold enough to wear them here. If it is, you probably need a proper jacket, so they will be hidden anyway! Oy. This sweater addresses each of my layering woes by being an all-in-one while also featuring the perfect combination of dainty details.

anthropologie ivory sweater anthropologie ivory sweater

Suede Espadrille Heels

These are basically sold out in every size, but I love them so much I had to feature them anyway. If I could get my hands on these babies I know they’d become a staple in my closet for sure. Given the fact that they were marked down almost 45% before the extra 40% off, I’m shocked that they have any left at all! Goodbye my sweet, I’m sure we will meet again. 🙁

brown suede espadrille brown suede espadrille

**FTC: The above post contains affiliate links! I only use and mention products that I personally love and am excited to share with my readers.