bloomingdales aqua lace dress

I absolutely love navy and red together, it’s timeless and chic and can be done in a way that doesn’t come across too kitschy. Plus, the combination of leather, lace, and a little Stuart Weitzman suede never hurt anybody. I originally picked up this dress when wedding season was in full swing for us. Over the last few years, we’ve had a string of anywhere from 5-8 weddings per year to attend. That’s a lot of dresses to buy ya’ll. Even J was feeling the wedding guest #ootd pressure and went out and bought a second suit to throw into his rotation.

Funny enough, this dress never made it’s church pew debut, but I still love it! Bloomingdales’ AQUA line has become a staple in my closet because I know I can rely on it’s winning blend of quality, price, and style. I always find something there, no matter what my mission is.

Also, can I just throw in my two cents on these Stuart Weitzman shoes? They seduced seemingly every blogger on earth- yes all of the planet, over the last few years. They are stunning and classic and sexy all in one, but holy hell are they uncomfortable. They may just not jive well with my feet, but I barely last 45 minutes in them! Ironically, they aren’t the highest or thinnest heel in my closet, but they are certainly the most uncomfortable. 🙁 I can’t even try the tape hack (taping your third and fourth toes together to relive pressure points) because it would be so obvious. They sure are pretty to look at though. Good thing I got them on super sale…and used a gift card…shhh. 😉 stuart weitzman heels bloomingdales aqua lace dress bloomingdales aqua lace dress bloomingdales aqua lace dress bloomingdales aqua lace dressstuart weitzman heels bloomingdales aqua lace dress bloomingdales aqua lace dress dsc07814 bloomingdales aqua lace dress