before after marble desk diy

Hello, my name is Dimitra Clarke and I’m a spray paintoholic. I want to say it’s getting out of hand, but it’s also kind of the best thing ever if you’re in the mood to DIY. I just posted a video on the If The Stiletto Fits YouTube channel giving a tour of my “beauty room” and realized just how handy I’ve been over the last few months. My pride and joy has to be this DIY desk. Determined to cram one more functional piece of furniture into this room, I settled on this corner writing desk from Walmart. It was small is stature (and price tag) so it fit the bill perfectly. Then it arrived and I tried my best to see past it’s uniquely off-white, Haggen Daaz vanilla hue, but after only a few days, the itch to bust out the spray paint became too great to ignore. Initially, I reached for a can of bright white, but sadly I ran out after barely getting the drawer coated. So, I revisited my now relatively robust spray paint collection and found a pretty shade of grey that I previously used on the canvas prints I painted for this room. Then the vision really started to come together and this DIY desk hack was born. After a quick Amazon search I found this awesome marble-esqe contact paper for the top. I replaced the knob with a simple copper one from Target and voila! I’m really happy with the way it came out and even with all my improvements, it only cost me about half the cost of many of the other desks I was considering and twice as unique! (and awesome :P)

marble ikea hack desk


copper drawer knob

acrylic desk chair

marble desk diy

faux marble desk

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