So much for not letting life get in the way. We had one rainy day in the last few weeks so I guess it’s no secret that we shot these photos over a week ago and it’s taken me this long just to get them up. Whoopsies. I thought they were too fun to let that stop me from posting though ūüôā I’m never one to shy away from a theme so, full on Singing in the Rain¬†(with props of course) is the only way to do an outfit shoot in the rain. I’m not going to even divulge¬†how many shots¬†we have¬†of me jumping in puddles insisting we get one¬†where you can see the water splashing around my boots. As indecisive as I can be, for better or worse once I have a vision I can be obsessive about achieving it. Looking back the phrase, “more cow bell” comes to mind, ha!¬†We never got it, so don’t bother scrolling down and looking for it.

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