For many, the arrival of Spring conjures up images of floral prints, flowy silhouettes, and girly espadrilles. However, this year I’ve been drawn to more modern pieces with a cool, casual feel. This low-key, street style vibe has been creeping its way into both high fashion and ready to wear collections rapidly overtime, but just now made its way into my own closet.

Studies have shown that we can blame the Kardashians for approximately 87% of societal issues, (just kidding, I literally made that up. But I’m sure someone’s studied it) but no one can refute their influence on today’s fashion trends. They’ve advocated for different body shapes and sizes, especially through the styles they’ve more or less coined, including the bodycon dress. We’re probably most used to seeing it on Kim’s ample derrière, but I’m here to say the bodycon style can work on anyone! It’s probably worth mentioning that I’m well aware of the virtual eye-roll that accompanies even typing their name. I get it. Tthe thousands of dollars, time, and energy they pour into maintaining their “assets” is bananas, but at the end of the day their bodies look nothing like the models we saw for years before them, and I’m all for anything that can broaden society’s standards of beauty. Plus, I may or may not have just watched the episode where Kim was robbed in Paris, and it was straight up emotional. I bawled my eyes out.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve shied away from the impossibly tight, shorter-than-short dresses I used to love wearing (despite having nowhere at all to wear them.) That is, until recently when bodycon midi dresses started popping up more frequently on my radar. I own several now, and have really enjoyed styling them in ways that allow them to maintain their sultry appeal, but are also insanely comfortable. This one from Shop Briella, is pretty darn perfect because hits at just the right length so it’s not constantly riding up. The dusty pink color is also a nod to all things girly while remaining subtle enough to wear as a neutral. Pairing it with a chambray shirt tied at my natural waist dressed it down and drew the eye to my smallest point, making it more flattering. The dress’s spaghetti strap and open back detailing also make it a great piece for a flirty night out.

Here are some of the things I always keep in mind whenever I try my hand at the bodycon trend.


Good quality: Cheap fabric impossibly close to your skin is no bueno, not to mention it’ll bunch and ride up in a super unflattering way.

Neutral hues: This blush is a great option, or even a nude tone that compliments your skin tone can be accessorized to perfection! But, when in doubt choose black (I own two) It can be dressed up or down in seconds, and it never lets you down.

Midi Length: Finding a style that hits below the knee ensures you won’t be tugging at your hem all night, which is a total drag. If your cheeks are far too seasoned to risk a wardrobe malfunction, like mine (or really anyone’s over the age of 3) you can rest assured whenever you bend over in a midi.

Structure: If you’re worried about feeling exposed, I would say perhaps surprisingly, less stretch is best. Of course you want to be able to move around comfortably, but feeling like your held in securely will keep any and all dimples or rolls (we all have them!) at bay. Plus you can always slap on some shape wear. I rarely wear anything that would require it, so I have zero experience with it, but I know many who sing its praises.


Accentuate your best feature: Bodycon dresses are surprisingly versatile. You can accesorize them in a way that plays up your best feature, and it doesn’t have to be a tiny waist or a Kardashian booty. Draw the eye up to show off a beautiful décolletage or down to give your calves and ankles a moment to shine.

You can always turn to a tailor: Another reason why I’m pushing for a midi is you have more leeway if it needs to be brought up, down, in or out to find your perfect fit.

Less is more: It’s an easy style to throw together, because the dress, and your figure, do most of the talking. I find that a bodycon needs minimal frills or fuss in order to look incredibly put together.


If you love it, wear it: I’m always one to throw the rulebook out the window in favor of something that makes me happy or feel good!

Links to some more of my favorite body con dresses

 | Dress: c/o Shop Briella | Chambray: Thrifted (similar) | Choker: My grandmother’s 🙂 (similar, also super cute) | Sunglasses: Free People | Shoes: Thrifted | Ring: Forever 21 (similar) | Lipstick: “Heax” by MAC |

I picked up these shoes at Crossroads during my last expedition, and I think they were a super fun addition. I found them in like-new condition and they are crazy comfortable. If I cared strictly about flattering my figure I would have finished this look with a nude shoe to elongate my legs, but I ditched that route in favor of the hint of edge these chunky heels lend instead.