Literally the very first wedding related thing I did after Jordan and I got engaged, was plan out how I was going to “ask” my bridesmaids to be in the wedding. I put quotes around the word “ask” cause honestly, I didn’t give them much of a choice. 😉 For some reason, after stumbling on this idea during one of my typical cold brew fueled Pinterest sessions, I knew I wanted to do it years before it was even relevant to me. I had so much fun hand picking the items to include in each girls’ box and as a a bonus, I really lucked out and found some great deals along the way.

I decided to pick up some blank greeting cards and glue a picture of me with each girl to the front of their card. I found a free “Will you be my bridesmaid/maid of honor” printable on Pinterest (any cute font on the computer would have been fine, although these ones are adorable!) and tried to print that on the inside, but my mom’s printer was acting up. Then I went to FedEx/Kinko’s and their printer was acting up as well! I had a mini diva meltdown realized it wasn’t meant to be and hand wrote the note in metallic gold marker. 🙂

I knew I wanted to include a mini bottle of champagne for all the girls (and a little baby Coronita for my strictly beer drinking BFF) so that dictated the size box I was looking for. Since my entire bridal party is up in the Bay Area, I purchased and assembled the gift boxes while I was up there for the holidays rather than schleping all the materials on the plane. Thank goodness I did, because I hit the post-Christmas sale jackpot! Michael’s was my first stop and I was pretty disappointed to see they were almost cleared out. They didn’t have generic gift boxes or crinkle paper like I envisioned stuffing the gifts with. Then I stumbled on another section of gift boxes and found some that were not only were they the perfect size, great quality, and way cuter than anything I figured I’d end up with. Oh, and not to mention, they were 50% off. I’ve had the hardest time finding the exact ones or even something similar to link for you guys, but these ones are on sale and super cute too! I recommend just checking your local craft stores in person and seeing what you can come up with. They came preassembled so I don’t know if online would be the best option either, though Amazon is my main squeeze for pretty much everything so I wouldn’t be surprised! I also picked up some cute white and gold striped paper straws too.

I ended up just stuffing the boxes with plain white tissue paper since the boxes themselves were so decorative. BevMo was having their 5c wine sale, so the champagne bottles were basically 2 for 1. Then I went to Sephora to find some cute stocking stuffer size items to put top it all off, and found the Buxom gift set with assorted mini lipsticks and lip glosses. It came with 15, so even giving each girl 2, I had plenty to choose from and could pick out the shades I thought each girl would actually wear. Then I threw in some of my favorite Sephora brand face masks and called it a day! I’m really happy with the way they turned out and couldn’t have enjoyed delivering them to each girl any more than I did. I am having a “bridesman” who kind of got the short end of the stick (i.e a Coronita, a card, and a hug hah!) but he didn’t seem to mind too much. 😉

I made 6 boxes for my bridesmaid’s/maid of honor. Here’s a price breakdown of each box:

Floral decorative box- Originally $7, but on sale for $3.50/piece = $21 total

Blank greeting cards- $5.49

Mini champagne bottle- Originally $9, but after sale came to $6/piece = $36 total

Pack of paper straws- $10 (could totally get cheaper on Amazon, but I didn’t have time!

Tissue paper- $2.99

Buxom Holiday gift set- Originally $45, but on sale for $33

Sephora masks- $4/piece = $24

Total for all 6 boxes= $132.48 or about $22/box