beauty breakdown | summer makeup tutorial

I’m so excited to finally show you all my very first beauty tutorial video! Delving into the world of Youtube and videos has been a learning experience, but I have to say I’ve enjoyed the process as a whole. I’m just starting to get the hang of it, so I know I have some things to work on (i.e the rambling and the lip smacking) but I look forward to learning more, especially about the camera and editing. For my first time being in front of the camera like this it went pretty smoothly, at least the parts that made the final cut did 😉 I’ve actually already shot a “getting ready with me” video in which there is little to no talking so it’s nice and short and will be up soon! I’m adding a weekly beauty breakdown to the blog, which is a welcome change for me and something different for you to look out for as well!

I chose this summer makeup tutorial for my first video because I wanted to do something close to my everyday look, which is pretty natural. I’m not someone who can pull off a huge amount of makeup, but I did spice things up a bit with a couple extra steps in the video. Hope you enjoy it! xo



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