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Growing up I almost exclusively wore bright colors. I’m certain the early 90’s had a strong influence over that decision, but my mom insists that it was my personal preference as well. As I’ve grown up I’ve expanded my wardrobe’s color palette to include neutrals, earth tones, and the latest addition, pastels. Pastels were never something I had an interest in or felt looked particularly good with my skin tone until recently. However, I’ve always had a way of convincing myself something works on me just because I want it to. That mentality doesn’t really work in many other aspects of life so why not let it fly when it comes to your fashion choices. Can you imagine though? I want to win the lottery, so I will! I want to be a pop star, so I will! I want to have green eyes, so I will!

I stopped in H&M and Zara recently and had quite the successful shopping trip. I found pieces that were in season, within my budget, and unique compared to what I already own. You would think that’s how every shopping trip should go, however I also recently bought 3 almost identical shirts (accidentally) and a winter coat (on purpose) so there’s that. Back to my successful trip though, I added these pumps, top, necklace, and bag to my closet on all that day. I also wore this ensemble over the weekend for Easter brunch with J’s family. Combined they feel so fresh and ready for Spring!

| Top: H&M | Jeans: AG | Pumps: Zara | Necklace: H&M (not available online but similar) | Bag: H&M |

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No, I wasn’t pretending to be Miss America (I only do that at home) I was actually waving to a group of little boys who took a particular interest in our photo shoot. Although, I soon regretted engaging them at all because they only got bolder after this wave and started shouting demands for my number and for J to kiss me haha. Kids these days.



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