This girl was not blessed with the gift of clear vision. My family and I collectively discovered this in Starbucks when my dad playfully quizzed 10 year old me on my reading. It went something like this:

“Ok, what does that word say?”

“I don’t know?”

“Oh, come on, that word! You don’t know that word right there?”

“I have no idea.”

“Chocolate. The word is chocolate! Sheesh, what are they teaching kids in school these days?”

“No like, I mean…I can’t see the word!”


So a week later I sat in the optometrist’s chair as my parents looked on in awe at the bravery and perseverance I’d displayed through the last ten years of my life not being able to see A DAMN THING! At least, that’s how I remember it.

Flash forward 16 years and several frames later, I was way past due for a new pair of glasses and wanted a change. I’ve been really into oversized frames and pinned some I like on Pinterest. I found a pin that linked to a website, Warby Parker and was intrigued. They send 5 pairs to your house to try on and play with for a week, then you ship them back (all free shipping!) choose the pair you like, upload a picture of your prescription and your new pair arrives at your house 10 days later. It really was that easy. They also had me follow simple directions to upload images of myself with a credit card under your nose to help them with measurements. After my home try-on, I hopped back on the Warby Parker website and chose the “Laurel” style in the color Oak Barrel, and I’m in love!




I did experience a quick bout of vertigo while my eyes and brain adjusted to the much stronger (but finally accurate) prescription. That was a fun walk to sushi. After I tripped twice and yelped in fear about six more times, Jordan started to grasp the magnitude of the leaning trees and fun house curbs I was experiencing and started yelling, “STEP!” every time we approached one. Gotta love that guy.

Here’s a blurry Snapchat picture of the first time I tried on my new frames! (Follow along @Dimitrajc if you’re not already!)


Here are some of the other fun oversized frames that peaked my interest before I settled on these. Hope you enjoy!

xo D







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