Happy New Year!

happy new year 2015Ok so I’m a little late. Like, really late. But, it is my first post of the new year and I wanted to wish you all an amazing 2015! J and I decided (aka stole the idea from my parents) that instead of resolutions for the year, we would come up with a few words to keep in mind as our theme for the year. We chose commitment, health, and career (J now wants to add “momentum” as well. He keeps casually throwing it is as if we agreed! We did not. It’s getting a little out of hand at this point.) These three words embody the intentions and goals we have set for ourselves over the next twelve months. They are somewhat broad, yet concrete enough for us to focus on when we start to feel we are getting off track.

Commitment was actually the first word we both came up with, ironically in no way related to each other or our relationship. That’s not something either of us ever really questions thankfully. 🙂 We want to remain committed to our goals, dreams, and following through with the necessary steps to get us there as individuals, which simultaneously benefits us as a couple. There are a million and one reasons people never stick to their resolutions every year, but we want to be accountable straight out of the gate.

Health is closest to the cliche “get in shape/eat better/lose weight” resolutions everyone makes, but I’m not going out and pinning a hundred new “quick fix” easy at home workout routines or healthy recipes (just kidding, I totally am.) But, my goal is to view my health as all encompassing. I commit to staying active, eating what I want in moderation, spending time at the beach and doing other activities that always bring me peace. This makes considering my health a realistic theme of the year rather than saying I want to lose X amount of pounds.

Career. I’ve been a student so long and graduating has been my one and only goal all this time. It has served me well to stay focused and get through some challenging semesters, but is has also distracted me from thinking bigger picture and making choices that put me in a better position for my career later in life. Starting with choosing one. The end. OK BYE!

Sorry…apparently this subject is just as uncomfortable to write about as it is to talk about. I feel so overwhelmed, but that’s why it is such a perfect theme for the year. I need to get comfortable thinking about real possibilities and to start figuring out how to best see them through. I’ve found such joy in blogging and now making YouTube videos as well, but as much as I love to dream, everyone needs a plan B 🙂

In honor of a new year of blogging I’m reflecting on some of my favorite images from blog posts of 2014. I hope everyone had an amazing start to their year. I can’t wait to see what it brings for all of us! xoitsf sig

holiday cocktail dress backless birthday outfit DSC00247
DSC09528 neon coral tank top change7 vintage inspired romper 1 one dress day to night DSC06712 DSC04553 DSC00550


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