feathers and lattes

feathers and lattes 2I feel like this blog is constantly on the brink of feeling neglected, so I’m trying to find creative ways to fit creating new content into my schedule. I sort of despise talking about how busy I am (just kidding, I obviously do it all the time) but I truthfully have a lot going on. I decided asking J to bring the camera along on our midday latte date might be the perfect solution. Multitasking at it’s finest. I was feeling casual and boho with all my feathers, so I threw on some wedges to class it up a bit. The Coffee Bean we happened to meet at is on a gigantic, busy LA intersection so as you can imagine, it wasn’t the least bit awkward. We usually stick to secluded parks or squeeze a 6 minute shoot in front of our building, so this was new territory for us. I’m hoping the photos come off as fun and candid instead of me secretly pretending I don’t know and love this man with the camera following me. Ok, so we’re working on it.

Aside from being busy with school and work, it is a notoriously celebratory month for us because my birthday and our anniversary both fall in October. We celebrate our dating anniversary and it just happens to be today! October 12th 2010 was our very first date. My birthday is 6 days later on the 18th. October is quite the birthday month as my older sister, boss, and her husband share this birthday month with me…not to mention Halloween. We are usually so pooped from all the celebrating that we just throw some devil ears on Mika, eat candy and watch a movie on the 31st. Last year we actually went out in West Hollywood for the annual parade with some friends and had a blast, so maybe we will rally this year and actually dress up again 🙂 Anyway’s I’m off to prep for our date night and pick up J’s anniversary gift (can’t pull the “busy” excuse on this one…it was all procrastination.) I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! xo

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