have you added essence to your skincare routine?

Well, ladies apparently all our favorite anti-wrinkle serums, moisturizer, toners, primers, foundations, bb creams, lotions, and potions aren’t enough. Now we must add “essence” to the mix! Actually…I really might. I’m still deciding if this is a necessary step to include in my already exhausting skincare routine, but I must admit the logic seems pretty solid. Vogue UK posted an article this week about the, “long-standing part of Asian beauty regimes,” and how these facial essences prep the skin for any other product you apply on top of it. I may be able to get behind a product that helps the laundry list of others I use properly absorb and optimize their benefits, but I’m still struggling with the price tag. In true Vogue fashion, the least expensive essence they mention is $50. However, Vogue isn’t the only magazine all over them, I did a quick google search of “facial essence” and every women’s mag out there seems to have jumped on the bandwagon with an article of their own. Since they are starting to catch on, I predict they will follow the path of micellar cleansing waters and go from a select few high end options to practically having a dedicated isle at Target. Either way, my interest has been piqued and I’ll be keeping my eye on these essences, and also try not to fault them for their corny name…

Facial-essenses-1-Vogue-July-11Jun15-Paul-Bowden Facial-essenses-2-Vogue-July-11Jun15-Paul-Bowden Facial-essenses-3-Vogue-July-11Jun15-Paul-Bowden Facial-essenses-4-Vogue-July-11Jun15-Paul-Bowden Facial-essenses-5-Vogue-July-11Jun15-Paul-BowdenLa-Mer-Treatment-Lotion



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