Eiffel…in love with Paris.

DSC01483PARIS!!! You have my heart. I couldn’t imagine that another city would ever measure up and captivate me the way the Amalfi Coast did. The affinity I felt for Italy after our trip in 2013 is endless, but I have to say Paris completely blew me away. I fell in love with the energy, the architecture, the people, the wine, the pharmacies (SO random, but so true. French pharmacies are amazing!) the macaroons. I can’t fully put it into words. Some of my favorite memories were simply walking around and taking in the city. Our last evening there J, his parents and I sat right on the Seine and ate fresh cheeses, baguette, cherries and charcuterie all from local shops (and even smuggled some wine in paper cups. Duh. 😉 ) and it was so wonderful, we must have sat there for two hours. Probably my all-time highlight of the trip though, was when J and I rented bikes at 11 o’clock at night and rode all through the streets until we reached the Eiffel Tower (lit to perfection) and ended the night with a midnight ice cream cone. I mean…stop. Is that real life? It was. And it was magical.

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