Date Night Essentials

Today I’m sharing a few of my date night essentials with you ladies. Not to totally sound like an old married couple, but when mine and J’s schedules align in the evenings, we are pretty content with going out and having a date night just the two of us 90% of the time. I love an opportunity to get a little more dressed up than my standard weekday nanny style (aka jeans and flip flops and a shirt that I won’t cry over when it gets mud/paint/sticky kid fingers all over it!) so I throw on a great pair of stilettos, add a little jewelry, and am usually satisfied. Each of the pieces that made up this date night outfit is pretty much a staple in my wardrobe, and have all been featured on the blog. Date Night EssentialsThe next few essentials are quick and easy and usually live in my bag (yes, even the giant perfume bottle- the benefits of rocking a massive bag are endless!) I have a few fragrances that I rotate regularly, all of them are scents he loves on me and that I love wearing. I’ve been stuck to my bottle of Dolce and Gabbana “Intense” for a while now, and still can’t get enough! Another of my “must haves” when getting ready is my Dior mascara, it’s going to be difficult not to include it in every single beauty post. The part of my makeup routine I do try to mix up for date nights is my lips by putting on some color, this berry color by L’Oreal is perfect. The final essential is an absolute obsession of both of ours. These Mentos mints are so addicting, I try to consume them sparingly and even drive a bit out of the way to a specific gas station in LA to purchase them. It’s actually silly, but makes me happy so whatever. Date Night Essentials Date Night Essentials Date Night EssentialsIf you haven’t already, please check out (and maybe even subscribe to!) my new YouTube channel. I posted a Get Ready With Me video showing how, more or less, this date night look came together. I hope you enjoy! Happy Saturday! xx



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  1. July 31, 2014 / 9:01 am

    thanks for visiting my blog! your hair is SO pretty, its making me wish i hadn’t cut mine short! haha! 🙂

    • ITSF
      July 31, 2014 / 9:17 am

      Ahh I know the feeling! I cut mine a few years ago and have been slowly working my way back ever since 🙂 Clip in extensions were my best friend until I got to the length I wanted! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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