layered leather sweater school girlWhen I found this sweet little leather sweater, I envisioned myself styling it with super edgy pieces. I’m especially loving sweaters and jackets with blended fabrics right now. Leather and cotton go so well together and when combined, easily add interest to an otherwise basic layer. I thought I would be in head to toe black or track pants with this sweater, yet somehow when I threw it on this day, school girl layered leather with a pop of purple came to mind instead. That’s the beauty about style and fashion, it can take on many forms. I never feel like anything I wear makes a bold enough statement that I can’t easily transform it the next time I put it on. Not to sound like a commitment-phobe (although I’m pretty sure my 4 year long relationship debunks that notion) but I don’t want to be married to just one look or style. I live life with the belief that I can only plan so much, and if I don’t like the way things are going I always have the power and will to change it- fashion included. View Post