Or should I say beach buns? šŸ˜‰ Honestly, these may be some of my favorite photos everĀ posted here on ITSF. Not because I’m half naked, in fact, in spite of that. I’m proud to say I spent little to no time picking apart the way IĀ looked in them. I didn’t sulk or find something to complain about in each photo. I genuinely enjoyed running around and playing with Jordan on the beach and I think (hope?) that carefree attitudeĀ translates.

We are almost always our own harshest critic and I am no exception. When I first started blogging, an unexpected side effect of my newĀ little hobby was all the insecuritiesĀ it dredged up. I was not at all prepared to sit down and look over the photos of our very first shoot and be mortified at the expressions I make, that bulge/dimple, or the shape of [insert virtually any body part here.] No really, I walked around for a solid week hating my kneecaps.Ā I was completely unaware of theseĀ “imperfections” until they were staring back at me on the computer screen. I felt like I was 15 again, andĀ this body had betrayed me somehow for not looking the way I thought it did or wanted it to. And to imagine, I was a teen before the Instagram models and FaceTune regime. Yikes. Anyone who’s seen themselves on camera or in portrait-like photos can probably relate to this in some way or another. (Ok, maybe not the kneecap thing.) It’s taken a while to truly let go of these feelings and not get bogged down by negative thoughts that only dilutesĀ the joy and creativity blogging provides. I’m always one to promote positive body image, self acceptance, and throwing socially constructed “beauty standards” out the window, so it’s time to practice what I preach. šŸ™‚

xo Dimitra

| Sweater: Forever 21 (similar) | Bathing Suit Bottoms: Victoria’s Secret “Itsy” (no longer available but similar) | Sunglasses: Mall Kiosk (still no shame ;)) |